OKR Alignment & Progress Reporting Made Simple

Quarterly OKRs + Weekly Updates

Track what needs to be accomplished this week, this quarter and support each other with praise and feedback on plans and progress.

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Track different goals differently

M̶i̶c̶r̶o̶manage your people

Automate peer-to-peer engagement

Give object-based feedback

Measure health & wellness effortlessly

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OKR Coaching – Free

* OKR Trees
* OKR Hierarchy
* KPIs
* Initiatives
* Company-wide reports
* OKR Alerts

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Tools to Empower and Engage

Goal-Setting and Tracking

* Objectives and Key Results
* Visual OKR Hierarchy Tree
* Align and Link OKRs
* KPIs and Metrics
* Projects and Initiatives

Weekly Planning and Reporting

* Automated Weekly Status Reports
* Weekly Planning
* Custom Templates
* Prioritization
* Custom Integrations

Pulse Surveys and Check-ins

* 5-star Ratings
* Pulse Surveys & Check-ins
* Feedback and Recognition
* Measure Employee Engagement

1:1s and Team Announcements

* Private 1:1 conversations
* Kudos and Upvotes
* Meeting Agendas
* Calendar View
* Social Newsfeed

The Flow to Success

  • Quarterly
  • Weekly
  • Daily
  • As needed
  • 1 Set quarterly goals
  • 2 Plan your week
  • 3 Share progress
  • 4 Provide feedback
  • 5 Get regular reports

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