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How does OKR software work?

Define & manage goals

Share company strategy via annual goals. Set quarterly direction and focus for teams with structured objectives, measurable key results, KPIs and projects.

Create & see alignment

Visualize in a hierarchy tree how all teams, people, projects and tasks are connected to the main objectives and strategy of the organization. See visual dashboards

Track weekly progress

Check in weekly to update progress. Prioritize the most high-impact team projects and employee activities that help to move toward targets. Conduct weekly team meetings.

Improve collaboration

See in daily newsfeed what others are working on. Give regular feedback and praise. Share insights with colleagues in a remote workspace. Engage and inspire.


Engage employees and move everyone in a unified direction

Communicate company strategy, goals and move everyone forward with intention. Easily connect and access any team, department or person. Link OKRs to see total company progress. Boost morale with direct feedback and upvotes.


Build the OKR tree in minutes and focus on execution

Create the goal tree and manage OKRs in just 1-2 clicks. Use built-in OKR examples and a guided OKR writing tool to get started fast. Move swiftly from strategy, to strategic roadmap, to impactful coutcomes.


Visualize data for a complete overview

Always know how your company is doing. See company-wide insights on OKRs, KPIs, projects and weekly plans with interactive dashboards and reports. Make informed decisions.


Define purpose, get organized and scale operations

Get everyone on the same page and promote transparency across the organization. Bring your company closer to KPI targets and moonshot goals. Prioritize projects and tasks that have real impact.


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Weekdone OKR software

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Seamless integration with tools you already use

Automate workflows, auto-import KPIs, Key Results, and Initiatives, and get notifications where your teams are already listening.

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What is OKR software?+

OKR software is a goal-setting tool for organizations of all sizes. OKR software makes it easy to add and track OKRs in a more automated way, and has dashboards based on your data and progress to help visualize the process. OKR software also keeps everyone in your company accountable for their part in reaching the goals.

What software does Google use for OKR?+

John Doerr introduced the OKR methodology (which originated from Intel) to Google in 1999. Since then, Google is utilizing Google Docs or Google Sheets to track OKRs.

Does OKR really work?+

Following best practices, OKRs help companies align goals and focus on the big picture. OKRs drive real improvements – they define what your company needs to do to reach the goals. When everyone is clear on the action plan and works as one, the results will come.

Who uses OKR?+

The well-known companies that use OKRs are Adobe, Amazon, Asana, Baidu, BMAT, Deloitte, Dropbox, Eventbrite, Facebook, Google, GoPro, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Netflix, Oracle, Panasonic, Salesforce.com, Samsung, Siemens, Slack, Spotify, Trello, Twitter, and Uber.

Should startups use OKRs?+

Whether a startup is made up of two people or 100, OKRs can help the company’s top priorities become clear to everyone. Weekdone is the best OKR software for startups as it’s easy to get started with and includes onboarding + OKR assistance from our experts.

What is an OKR vs KPI?+

KPI is a business metric that reflects a target number. OKR is a goal-setting methodology that brings improvements by allowing companies to set clear direction, and connect that with measurable results. With OKRs, you’re not only saying what you want to achieve, you’re also defining how you will get there. Objectives are what you want to achieve, and Key Results are the numeric measures that help you “define the achievement” of your Objectives.

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