How can different teams translate ideas into action with Objectives and Key Results? Our extensive list of OKR examples will help guide the way.

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What is the OKR methodology?

The OKR framework is a collaborative goal-setting methodology. It encourages everyone in the organization to set ambitious goals and measure progress and results with quantifiable metrics. 

OKRs are used to align goals, track their progress, and improve engagement related to achieving the big-picture aspirations of the company. Combined with other management practices, the OKR methodology serves as a great approach to translating strategy into actionable plans.

👉 “What are good examples of OKRs?” Find OKR examples on this page and take inspiration when creating objectives for different business functions.

How to Define OKRs

To successfully implement the OKR framework, consider the following components:

4 crucial components of OKR : Objective, Key Results, Initiatives, Weekly Plans
  1. Interpret Strategy to Create a Company Objective

Beginning with the leadership team setting the direction, the goal-setting journey is determined by defining the mission and strategy. Drawing inspiration from the mission statement, strategy, and KPIs, the company objective can be set. 

💡 Think about – “What is your company’s aspiration to success?” ”What are strategic objectives you want or need to achieve this year and quarter?”

Remember to take into account key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure past performance when setting future expectations. Also be mindful that unlike Key Results (KRs) which are outcomes, company, and team KPIs are measurements.

👉 “How is OKR different from KPI?” Watch this webinar to get a better understanding.

  1. Create Team OKRs and Align them with the Company’s Objective

Once the company objective is defined, different teams can set their OKRs keeping in mind they are aligned with the company goals. Translating your company strategy into team goals can help to identify the needs of cross-functional teams to achieve company objectives.

💡 Make sure to track and measure the progress by adding Key Results – “What Key Results would I need to set and measure to make progress toward the Objective?” Every Objective must have at least 2 to 5 Key Results

  1. Add Initiatives (Projects) to Drive Key Results (KRs)

Initiatives are projects or any block of work that could be implemented in a few weeks or a quarter. It defines what needs to be done to achieve the desired outcome based on the Key Results and drives your Objective forward.

💡 Creating OKRs without identifying initiatives does not work because it lacks the action plan required to make progress toward achieving the goal and driving optimal outcomes.

  1. Set Weekly Plans

While team OKRs drive the whole team, what is planned on the individual level? Setting weekly plans focus on how individuals plan to contribute to making progress toward achieving the team’s goals. The best practice is to have weekly check-ins to discuss progress made on weekly plans and the challenges that need to be addressed.

💡 Ideally, setting 3 to 5 weekly tasks enables team members to make progress toward their objectives by allowing them to focus on the most impactful action plans required to be delivered.

How to Succeed with OKRs

Adopting the OKR methodology empowers leaders to translate their company’s strategy into action plans while keeping up with the speed of business. Here’s how you can succeed using the OKR framework:

  • Stay Agile
    • With four quarterly learning cycles (instead of one-year plans), OKRs help to shift focus quickly and address real-world challenges with ease. It also enables everyone to move toward new goals efficiently. 
  • Focus on Impactful Priorities
    • When team members can relate to how their daily tasks are aligned with strategic goals and how their Key Results are linked to the company’s Objective, it motivates them to be productive and prioritize impactful improvement areas and instills a growth mindset.
  • Achieve Strategic Alignment
    • The OKR framework combines a top-down and bottom-up approach to alignment. Leadership teams need to define and communicate the mission statement and strategic priorities. Taking inspiration from the company’s objective from the top-level teams can create their OKRs. Sharing OKRs set by teams with the rest of the organization enables a bottom-up feedback loop ensuring alignment of goals is achieved across the organization.
  • Stay on Track
    • OKRs help to keep strategies, goals, objectives, and KPIs on track by measuring results in improvement areas and driving the desired outcome. Regular weekly check-in meetings can ensure progress is on track and address areas that need improvement.

Good OKRs keep a team focused on the most important priorities and spark engaging conversations every week.

Leaders of various departments, teams and roles can use our examples as a springboard into a team OKR brainstorming session. Choose a team from the list to see related examples for each.

Want to take it a step further? Add OKRs to software so you can begin tracking progress and aligning teams across the organization.


Objective: Improve budgeting transparency and update speed

• Key Result 1: Confirm structure that meets the needs of 5 Team Leaders and CEO (6 people)

• Key Result 2: Reduce expense submission entry from 30 days to 7 days

• Key Result 3: Maintain expense to revenue ration of 30% or less

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Objective: Optimize management of accounting records to prepare for the move to the new ERP system

• Key Result 1: Analyze reporting issues from 3 main angles to prepare the move to the new ERP tool: 1- review accuracy of salary calculations, 2- review accuracy of inventory count in stock, 3- review accuracy of the billing records in relation to the respective service providers, 4-prepare the plan of action

• Key Result 2: Find equivalents in the new system (or develop requirements) for 7 types of reports requested by management

• Key Result 3: Review expense types under 12 cost centers to analyze cost saving opportunities

Objective: Lay the groundwork for in-house accounting and financial reporting to take it over from the outsourcing firm

• Key Result 1: Successfully onboard 3 new hires to the finance team

• Key Result 2: Develop structure for 5 types of reports to set them up in the ERP system (price per unit; revenue projections per month; purchase volume; expenses per service provider; monthly budget per cost center)

• Key Result 3: Complete 5 stages of the ERP implementation process: 1-research of the needs and requirements, 2-setting up the platform, 3-internal finance team training, 4-team management training, 5-developing improvement plans an iterations

Objective: Lay the groundwork to make the quarterly analysis process more efficient

• Key Result 1: Define top 5 achievable improvements for internal reporting

• Key Result 2: Organize 4 workshops on reporting best practices with full team attendance

• Key Result 3: Develop and confirm 6 reporting templates for future use

Objective: Lay the groundwork to make the quarterly analysis process more efficient

• Key Result 1: Define top 5 achievable improvements for internal reporting

• Key Result 2: Organize 4 workshops on reporting best practices with full team attendance

• Key Result 3: Develop and confirm 6 reporting templates for future use

Objective: Improve the way we manage expenses reporting to find opportunities to increase profitability

• Key Result 1: Identify top 5 areas with the highest expenses

Key Result 2: Sort out 200 payments using new expense categories to make data more transparent

• Key Result 3: Find a way to cut monthly expenses from $10000 to at least $8000

Customer Support

Objective: Research and improve customer satisfaction

• Key Result 1: Get 1000 survey responses to annual satisfaction survey

• Key Result 2: Conduct 50 phone interviews with top customers

• Key Result 3: Conduct 15 phone interviews with recently churned customers

• Key Result 4: Present an action plan of 10 improvements for next quarter

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Objective: Improve satisfaction with support team’s work

• Key Result 1: Decrease number of complaints and negative feedback per quarter from 15 to 5

• Key Result 2: Increase positive feedback items and praise from 5 to 15 per quarter

• Key Result 3: Increase end-user satisfaction rating from 4.0 to 4.5

Objective: Research and understand why our churned customers didn’t see value

• Key Result 1: Get 30% response to survey on churn reasons

• Key Result 2: Interviews with 10% of respondents to get detailed reasons

• Key Result 3: Analyze responses and choose 3 issues to improve

Objective: Increase engagement with new paying customers

• Key Result 1: Increase open rate of our in-product communications from 4% to 15%

• Key Result 2: Increase the number of follow-up meetings booked from 7 to 21 per week

• Key Result 3: Achieve service quality rating 9 out of 10 based on the after meeting anonymous poll

• Key Result 3: Reduce average response time from 5h to 1h

Objective: Research customer satisfaction improvements

• Key Result 1: Get 1000 survey responses to annual satisfaction survey

• Key Result 2: Conduct 50 phone interviews with top customers

• Key Result 3: Conduct 15 phone interviews with recently churned customers

• Key Result 4: Present an action plan of 10 improvements for next quarter

Objective: Improve satisfaction with customer support team

• Key Result 1: Increase good and great ratings from 40 to 60

• Key Result 2: Develop 15 full answers to common questions

• Key Result 3: Improve first time response rate from 60 to 30 minutes average

Objective: Improve internal expertise to create an outstanding CS team

• Key Result 1: Organize 12 case study discussions and document insights

• Key Result 2: 4 team members to present their personal growth plans

• Key Result 3: Create 15 articles for the internal wiki

Objective: Promote our world-class Customer Success team to stand out from the competition

• Key Result 1: Get our customer success experts into 5 podcast interviews

• Key Result 2: Achieve 10,000 views on the video promoting customer success expertise

• Key Result 3: Increase the number of unique weekly visitors to the landing page promoting customer success expertise from 1,000 to 15,000


Objective: Launch new, clearer landing page to drive action

• Key Result 1: Test existing landing page with at least 100 external users

• Key Result 2: Analyze previously reported feedback and agree on 10 biggest design issues to fix

• Key Result 3: User-test page prototypes with 12 people to work out usability issues

• Key Result 4: Achieve 80% positive feedback score from testing sessions

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Objective: Support Marketing with designed content that catches more attention

• Key Result 1: Add infographics to our blog posts and achieve 100 downloads per post on average

• Key Result 2: Update current ad designs to increase ad clicks from 11k to 20k

• Key Result 3: Redesign our e-book page to increase conversion rate of page views to downloads from 40% to 60%

Objective: Promote our design team as the coolest place to work

• Key Result 1: Apply for external design competitions until we win at least 2

• Key Result 2: Achieve 5000 downloads with 2 open source design and UI/UX freebies

• Key Result 3: Conduct monthly designer meetups with 40 people attending on average

Objective: Become a strong design driven company

• Key Result 1: All 7 teams participate in the new guidelines presentation meeting

• Key Result 2: All 24 of our software page layouts have been updated based on new guidelines

• Key Result 3: All 7 teams have their public and shareable materials only with our design

• Key Result 4: Employee survey confirms that 90% of employees feel that we stick to our design more then before

Objective: Improve the variety of fast design options with reusable templates

• Key Result 1: Create a library with at least 100 frequently used elements for designs

• Key Result 2: Improve the design brief to reduce the number of iterations (at least 10 designs are approved with less than 3 iterations)

• Key Result 3: Organize all used designs with tags into 12 main categories

Objective: Learn from our competitors to be a step ahead

• Key Result 1: Each team member analyses at least 2 competitor product designs

• Key Result 2: Share and discuss the results and agree on at least 5 ideas to take over

• Key Result 3: Find at least 5 design don’ts to avoid

Objective: Become more experienced and well-known as a UX/UI team

• Key Result 1: All 4 team members go through a course and get ABC certificate

• Key Result 2: 4 team member presentations on the design topic they researched

• Key Result 3: Submit designs to different design awards and get at least 3 prices

Objective: Improve our mobile app design so customers can find and perform needed actions faster

• Key Result 1: Increase people performing 4 main actions through phone from 12 to 40%

• Key Result 2: Reduce the dropoff while performing the actions from 60 to 20%

• Key Result 3: Increase weekly returning app users from 10 to 20%

Objective: Create a new product design prototype that suits the customer expectations

• Key Result 1: Collect feedback from 50 customers about current design

• Key Result 2: Design at least 3 different examples based on the feedback

• Key Result 3: Test all 3 designs with at least 30 people to find the most suitable one

Objective: Understand how to overcome the gap between how we want to be seen vs how customers see us

• Key Result 1: Interview our 13 managers on design topics to understand their expectations

• Key Result 2: Run 50 tests with target audience representatives to ask about their first impressions

• Key Result 3: Analyze the results to agree on and plan for 3 main areas to be improved

Objective: Research emotional responses to in-product design variations

• Key Result 1: Research 10 competitor products and document the learnings

• Key Result 2: Interview at least 30 customers to understand their emotions and reactions to our designs

• Key Result 3: Test design options on 30 target audience representatives and find one that works the best

Objective: Promote our new brand image through design deliverables

• Key Result 1: Design new graphs/templates for at least 50% of top performing posts

• Key Result 2: Increase the downloads of the templates and infographics from average of 200 to 800 a month

• Key Result 3: Start a design pinterest account and achieve average monthly visits of 1200

Objective: Improve the workflow between design and development to save more time

• Key Result 1: Reduce design task tickets reopened by development from 40 to 10%

• Key Result 2: Reduce the average time of “small improvements” resolved from 10 days to 3 days

• Key Result 3: Increase submitted design request going into execution from 50 to 80%

Objective: Improve the UX/UI of our main landing page to drive action

• Key Result 1: Increase conversion on the first 2 CTA’s from 10 to 15% in total

• Key Result 2: Increase the % of people viewing at least 2 other pages after the landing page from 2 to 5%

• Key Result 3: Increase the % of people who open more than one image in the product image gallery from 10 to 25%


Objective: Finish raising new capital for growth needs

• Key Result 1: Outreach to VCs & get at least 30 initial meetings

• Key Result 2: Get at least 5 second contact meetings

• Key Result 3: Solicit at least 3 term sheets of our minimum required terms

• Key Result 4: Close an investment round with the minimum of $10 million pre-money

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Objective: Improve the way we manage warehouse inventory records to save time during mandatory inventory checks

• Key Result 1: Reduce time needed to complete inventory check from 16h to 4h on average

• Key Result 2: Automate 3 critical processes to avoid human errors

• Key Result 3: Reduce the % of discrepancies between bookkeeping data and factual information from 6% to 3%

Objective: Simplify internal procedures and make financial reporting more transparent

• Key Result 1: >80% of invoices are categorized by expense type before they come to finance department

• Key Result 2: Reduce the number of primary documentation reported late to the financial department from 50% to 20%

• Key Result 3: Speed up payment processing time from “application” to “paid” from 16h to 8h

Objective: Even out the difference in workload in the team to avoid overwork and burnout

• Key Result : Achieve an average of 100 processed transactions per week per team member

• Key Result 2: Reduce the amount of transactions pending for more than 24 hours from 20% to 2% per week

• Key Result 3: Conduct 5 coaching sessions with team members on the transactions handling best practices

Human Resources

Objective: Improve internal employee job satisfaction

• Key Result 1: Conduct 3 monthly “Fun Friday” all-hands meetings with motivational speakers

• Key Result 2: Interview 48 employees on ways to improve and implement suggestion

• Key Result 3: Improve weekly employee satisfaction score from 3.8 to 4.7 points

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Objective: Implement first quarter OKRs process successfully

• Key Result 1: All team managers (10 total) attend Weekdone Theory and Usage training (free)

• Key Result 2: Each team (5 total) set at least 1 good Team OKR

• Key Result 3: Each team manager holds 12 weekly check-in meetings

• Key Result 4: Each team communicates 3 lessons learned using OKRs to the whole company

Objective: Create a successful recruitment LinkedIn outreach campaign for Senior Engineering experts

• Key Result 1: Conduct seminars in universities & collect over 100 emails for the talent pool

• Key Result 2: Harvest LinkedIn to collect 250 potential new candidates

• Key Result 3: Redesign our careers webpage to drive 5% increase in website applicants

Objective: Define and promote company culture and values internally

• Key Result 1: Conduct 3 company culture events – all 95 employees attending

• Key Result 2: Do a culture quiz and receive an average score of > 90%

• Key Result 3: Survey employees on perceived improvement > 70% agree

Objective: Improve the recruitment process to increase candidate satisfaction

• Key Result 1: Decrease rejected candidate feedback time from 10 to 5 days on average

• Key Result 2: Improve process to reduce the recruitment steps from 5 meetings to 3

• Key Result 3: Increase last round candidates satisfaction in process from 60% to 100%

Objective: Understand employees training needs and implement a training program

• Key Result 1: Interview 80% of employees to list top 3 key competencies that need to be developed

• Key Result 2: Complete 3 key competency training sessions with average score over 80%

• Key Result 3: Follow up with all participants and 70% feel more confident with work tasks

Objective: Research & improve best job advertising practices

• Key Result 1: Review competitor’s hiring campaigns and gather 3 insights we could use

• Key Result 2: Review 3 new candidate channels

• Key Result 3: Increase average qualified candidates per advert from 10 to 15

Objective: Develop a sustainable candidate lead strategy

• Key Result 1: Partner with recruitment agencies to interview 60 candidates

• Key Result 2: Write 5 articles promoting us as a place to work read by 1500 unique visitors

• Key Result 3: Our vacancies web page visits increase from 600 to 900

Objective: Succeed in Q2 OKR usage and share lessons learned

• Key Result 1: Interview team leaders (5 teams) and set 3 main improvement areas for the new quarter

• Key Result 2: Survey all employees before end of quarter and 80% confirm increase in confidence

• Key Result 3: Ensure teams complete Check-ins each week (5 teams x 13 weeks)

Objective: Make the company a desirable place to work

• Key Result 1: Employee’s Net Promoter Score improved from 6 to over 8

• Key Result 2: Reduce turn over rate from 10% to 0%

• Key Result 3: Increase our Glassdoor Culture & Values rating from 3 to 4+

Objective: Research improvement opportunities for a better onboarding process

• Key Result 1: Interview 6 department heads about their current onboarding process

• Key Result 2: Interview 10 new joiners to collect feedback on the onboarding process

• Key Result 3: Research 5 competitors’ onboarding practices for different departments

Objective: Improve the new-hire onboarding process in the Product team to ensure talent retention

• Key Result 1: Complete 5 sections of the must-have onboarding toolkit

• Key Result 2: Interview 7 team members about their own onboarding experience and what they would improve about it

• Key Result 3: Achieve average onboarding satisfaction score of 8/10 points

Objective: Optimize our employee benefits program by providing more educational assistance

• Key Result 1: 20 employees from different departments give their input about their educational needs

• Key Result 2: Research 5 competitors’ educational benefits programs for the employees

• Key Result 3: Select top 5 educational assistance programs based on the employees’ interviews and include them under one benefit package

Objective: Build an effective compensation strategy to retain top performer employees

• Key Result 1: Decrease top performers turnover rate from 15% to 5%

• Key Result 2: Increase eNPS among top performers (Employee Net Promoter Score) from 60% to 70%

• Key Result 3: Collect 20 positive feedback from different departments’ top performers on the compensation strategy

Objective: Design and launch an internal Employee Academy

• Key Result 1: Survey 15 team leaders on our educational needs and gaps

• Key Result 2: Talk to 3 other companies’ HR Directors on how they do internal education

• Key Result 3: Define 10 training modules and design content for each

• Key Result 3: Conduct the first 3-day team offsite to test out the Academy curriculum

Objective: Improve diversity and inclusion aspects to build an international team

• Key Result 1: Hire 5 representatives of different nationalities to the engineering team

• Key Result 2: Conduct 4 events in cooperation with our international employees about their home countries

• Key Result 3: Increase participation rate in diversity and inclusion training program from 50% to 80%

Objective: Improve internal communication and workflows to reduce rework and misalignment

• Key Result 1: Moderate 13 alignment sessions between CS and Development

• Key Result 2: Reduce the % of resolved tasks being reopened by the owner for further iterations from 80% to 10%

• Key Result 3: Organize 7 team presentations with each team presenting their internal roles division, values and challenges

• Key Result 4: Increase weekly satisfaction with communication quality (between Compliance and Business Development) from 2/10 (current) to 7/10

Objective: Improve internal employee engagement

• Key Result 1: Conduct 3 monthly team events and over 80% attendance

• Key Result 2: Implement feedback system to get ongoing feedback and get over 40 employees responding

• Key Result 3: Average of 80% of employees fill in their Weekly Check-ins over the quarter

• Key Result 4: Reach weekly employee satisfaction score of at least 4.7 points

Objective: Ensure effective compliance in the workplace

• Key Result 1: Test 5 HR Software with built-in compliance safeguards and select the one to start using

• Key Result 2: Perform an HR compliance audit on 6 main areas

• Key Result 3: Resolve 90% of HR compliance related complaints within 48 hours


Objective: Finish raising new capital for our growth needs

• Key Result 1: Outreach to VCs & get at least 30 initial meetings

• Key Result 2: Get at least 5 second contact meetings

• Key Result 3: Solicit at least 3 term sheets of our minimum required terms

• Key Result 4: Close an investment round with the minimum of $10 million pre-money

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Objective: Be excellent – improve to be the best in whatever we do

• Key Result 1: All 6 teams to have an internal brainstorm meeting: “How can we improve? Why are we not the best yet?” and come up with 3 improvements

• Key Result 2: Benchmark everything related to product to 10 key competitors

• Key Result 3: Get 100 customers survey responses on their thoughts on where we need to be better

• Key Result 4: Create an list of 3 company-wide improvement areas

Objective: Become focused, aligned, and effective with OKRs and Weekdone

• Key Result 1: Achieve average weekly plans completion score of >60% across all teams

• Key Result 2: Document key learnings through weekly team summaries for 13 weeks

• Key Result 3: 90% of people confirm in a poll that they have a practical understanding of OKRs

Learning & Development

Objective: Design and launch internal Employee Academy

• Key Result 1: Survey 15 team leaders on our educational needs and gaps

• Key Result 2: Talk to 3 other companies’ HR Directors on how they do internal education

• Key Result 3: Define 10 training modules and design content for each

• Key Result 4: Conduct the first 3-day team offsite to test out the Academy curriculum

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Objective: Simplify and clarify our messaging and overall presentation to make our product more appealing to startups

• Key Result 1: 25 on-site user-testing sessions to understand key product misunderstandings

• Key Result 2: Test 10 of our recent infographics and slide decks for customer understanding

• Key Result 3: Get 1000 answers to an online user survey sent to all last quarter’s signups

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Objective: Become a thought leader in the industry and increase the visibility of our expertise

• Key Result 1: Increase the number of articles with reader-highlighted quotes on Medium from 2 to 200

• Key Result 2: Achieve 10,000 views of the recorded webinars

• Key Result 3: Increase the number of mentions on Twitter from 300 to 600

Objective: Successfully implement the weekly newsletter

• Key Result 1: Finalize the content strategy, key messages, and topic structure for the next 6 months

• Key Result 2: Grow subscriber base at least 5% per week, getting to 50,000 readers

• Key Result 3: Increase the CTR% to above industry average 3.5%

Objective: Improve our content distribution via forums and communities

• Key Result 1: Research 20 relevant communities for each platform: Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, Facebook

• Key Result 2: Prepare 40 post templates to distribute our blog articles in the comments section

• Key Result 3: Increase our blog traffic from 5,000 to 8,000 new visitors per months coming from forums and communities

Objective: Run messaging and timing experiments in top channels to generate more Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs)

• Key Result 1: Increase email marketing MQLs from 100 to 150

• Key Result 2: Increase AdWords MQLs from 70 to 100

• Key Result 3: Increase organic search MQLs from 45 to 50

Objective: Identify and test new marketing channels to generate more MQL

• Key Result 1: Generate 100 MQLs from the LinkedIn ads

• Key Result 2: Generate 100 MQLs after conducting webinars

• Key Result 3: Generate 100 MQLs by publishing guest blogs on the quality websites

Objective: Optimize core pages for visitor-to-sign-up conversions

• Key Result 1: Grow website main page conversion by 7%

• Key Result 2: Improve conversions on landing pages by 10%

• Key Result 3: Improve page performance score from 35 to 90+

Objective: Maximize our product-led growth

• Key Result 1: Increase self-onboarded users during the first week from 100 to 300

• Key Result 2: Increase the number of free self-signups upgraded to the paid plan from 50 to 100

• Key Result 3: Increase the numbers of new users invited via product from 100 to 200

Objective: Improve our presence on relevant review websites, forums, and groups to nurture leads

• Key Result 1: Increase the number of positive brand mentions on web from 3000 to 6000 (30-days average)

• Key Result 2: Increase the number of published reviews from 10 to 50 on Capterra

• Key Result 3: Achieve 60+ demo requests from discussion forums & groups

Objective: Improve our blog execution

• Key Result 1: Publish new blog posts to drive 3500 unique visitors

• Key Result 2: Increase readers who open 2 or more blog articles from 100 to 200

• Key Result 3: Increase Medium subscribers from 3000 to 5000

Objective: Increase our brand awareness

• Key Result 1: Have 30 media meetings by end of Q1

• Key Result 2: Have 15 calls/meetings with key industry influencers

• Key Result 3: Secure 2 speaking spots at the Annual Industry conference

Objective: Create a community for our partners/resellers

• Key Result 1: Create a community forum and get 30 partners to join

• Key Result 2: Partners engage with community forum and post 180 Q&A threads

• Key Result 3: Do a 5-city Lunch & Learn event with 80% of attendance

Objective: Establish a strong brand presence in the new city to put our name next to the biggest local competitors

• Key Result 1: Get 5 earned placements in mainstream media

• Key Result 2: Collaborate with industry influencers that drive pre-orders worth $100,000

• Key Result 3: Achieve 5000 mentions on social media of our brand name next to the biggest local competitors

Objective: Understand our customers and analyze their behavior

• Key Result 1: Conduct 12 online client surveys and analyze the results

• Key Result 2: Map our customer journey to understand what influences their buying decision

• Key Result 3: Map and analyze all of our current marketing channels and give at least 10 recommendations on how to improve them

Objective: Implement gated content for lead generation and capture more MQLs

• Key Result 1: Generate 2000 new leads from landing pages with gated content

• Key Result 2: Collect 200 new leads’ emails via download forms on the gated content

• Key Result 3: Achieve 100 MQLs out of those who downloaded gated content

Objective: Revamp our approach to promoting virtual events to improve outbound marketing performance

• Key Result 1: 50+ qualified leads from webinars

• Key Result 2: 200+ prospects from conferences, exhibitions and networking events

• Key Result 3: 100+ qualified leads from outreach campaign

Objective: Activate user-testing of our content

• Key Result 1: Talk to 10 external editors to receive feedback on our articles and infographics

• Key Result 2: Conduct 30 face to face content testing and interview sessions with users

• Key Result 3: Organize an online survey to rate our various content (min 600 answers)

Objective: Improve the way we communicate product changes to our customers

• Key Result 1: Put together and send out 3 product newsletters to customers

• Key Result 2: Write 6 blog articles on new product features

• Key Result 3: Achieve 5% click-through-rate on the newsletter

Objective: Gather customer feedback on product changes

• Key Result 1: Conduct 12 in-depth interviews with existing customers

• Key Result 2: Listen in on 36 sales calls

• Key Result 3: Get 1000 surveys responses on customer satisfaction survey

Objective: Improve the SEO of our cornerstone content

• Key Result 1: 10 cornerstone content articles has 5 or more backlinks

• Key Result 2: Publish 10 guest blog posts linking to cornerstone content on relevant sites with DA 40+

• Key Result 3: 15 cornerstone content articles has at least 10 internal links

• Key Result 4: 100% of our cornerstone content loads in 3 seconds or less

Objective: Improve our on page SEO

• Key Result 1: At least 90% of our website pages load in 3 seconds or less

• Key Result 2: Increase our Ahrefs health score from 61 to 100

• Key Result 3: 100% of our pages have proper title and meta descriptions

Objective: Increase the number of marketing-qualified leads (MQLs)

• Key Result 1: Increase MQLs generated from the webinars from 20 to 50

• Key Result 2: Increase the views of the welcome-intent popups on the home page from 1000 to 3000

• Key Result 3: Increase ebook downloads from 100 to 300

Objective: Improve community management to encourage positive word-of-mouth

• Key Result 1: Increase the # of referrals from clients 2% to 15%

• Key Result 2: Grow the newsletter contact base from 1000 to 4000 readers

• Key Result 3: Increase the number of signups from the testimonials page from 200 to 500

Objective: Encourage more users to refer our product

• Key Result 1: Increase the number of customers who invite at least 3 more users through referral links from 2% to 10%

• Key Result 2: Complete and publish 4 new customer case studies from top tier clients

• Key Result 3: Obtain 15 referrals per month (45 total) from prospects in the pipeline

Objective: Get more signups to the free trial via the monthly newsletter

• Key Result 1: Increase open rate of the monthly newsletter from 20% to 30%

• Key Result 2: Increase click-through rate (CTR) in the monthly newsletter from 5% to 15%

• Key Result 3: Increase the numbers of signups from the ‘email’ source from 100 to 200

Objective: Improve our Google Ads campaigns on the UK market

• Key Result 1: Run 10 Google Ads campaigns for 10 different target groups in the UK

• Key Result 2: Increase paid new visitors in the UK from 1000 to 2500 per month

• Key Result 3: Increase CTR of ads from 1% to 2%

Objective: Improve paid acquisition effectiveness via Facebook Ads

• Key Result 1: Reduce the lead cost from $5 to $2

• Key Result 2: Test 10 new Facebook ad sets and measure impact

Objective: Increase community engagement on our social media pages

• Key Result 1: Increase the number of posts with 30+ comments from 2 to 30

• Key Result 2: Convert 60% of new leads coming from influencers

• Key Result 3: Increase average Instagram Stories views from 5,000 to 10,000 on average


Objective: Improve internal document management system

• Key Result 1: All 7 teams agree and implement folder structures

• Key Result 2: 7 teams complete the move and consolidation of 100% of document to the new structure

• Key Result 3: Collect feedback from all users and over 80% responses are positive

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Objective: Improve MRP information management processes

• Key Result 1: On time delivery increases from 80% to 100%

• Key Result 2: Inventory stock error reduced from 10% to >3%

• Key Result 3: Production efficiency increased from 40% to 60% of maximum capacity

Objective: Make the office a desirable place to work

• Key Result 1: Gather feedback from 80% employees on improvement ideas

• Key Result 2: Solve top 3 problems identified

• Key Result 3: Confirm improvements in discussion with 10 people

Objective: Improve new contract management process to save time and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy

• Key Result 1: Review 7 sections of the standard contract to find any potential risks

• Key Result 2: Reduce time from contract negotiation start to making final decision from 7 days to 2 working days

• Key Result 3: Resubmit 12 long-term contracts with documents exchange timeline improvements

Objective: Improve the process of looking for new store locations

• Key Result 1: Add relevant photos to folders with 17 locations plans

• Key Result 2: Reach out to 5 previous tenants of the locations under active consideration

• Key Result 3: Conduct full sanitary inspection in 3 locations

Objective: Improve our scheduling system to avoid being understaffed in peak business hours

• Key Result 1: 80% of shifts have at least 6 employees on duty

• Key Result 2: Reduce overtime compensation expenses from $3000 to $500 or less

• Key Result 3: Coach 5 managers on schedule planning best practices

Objective: Implement a Learning Management System to improve internal expertise

• Key Result 1: 80% of employees watch at least 3 videos on the platform

• Key Result 2: Develop 5 modules for the basic training program

• Key Result 3: Coach 17 employees on how to add new internal Wiki articles

• Key Result 4: At least 20 new Wiki articles are added and shared through internal channels

Objective: Implement a risk management process when choosing new contractors

• Key Result 1: Confirm the scope of work with 5 departmental leaders

• Key Result 2: Finalize the process workflow (5 milestones): 1-analyze the risks, 2-research solutions, 3-confirm with the legal team, 4-present the workflow to the departments, 5-enforce

• Key Result 3: Analyze risk occurrence patterns with 50 contractors in the past

Objective: Formalize expenses planning process to save money by purchasing in bulk

• Key Result 1: Reduce the number of ad hoc purchasing requests from marketing from 80 per quarter to 2 instances (in case of emergency)

• Key Result 2: Negotiate discounted prices with 6 long-term vendors

• Key Result 3: Save at least $2000 on recurring expenses this quarter

Objective: Audit departmental meetings and engage in departmental daily routine to evaluate the quality of business operations

• Key Result 1: Audit 15 departmental meetings over the quarter

• Key Result 2: Get 150 anonymous survey responses

• Key Result 3: Document daily FAQs for 7 teams

Product Management

Objective: Research, analyze, and understand what our users and non-users really think

• Key Result 1: Sales team to conduct 50 phone interviews with key accounts

• Key Result 2: Support team to conduct 50 phone interviews with churned accounts

• Key Result 3: Product management to interview 25 external team leaders (non-users)

• Key Result 4: Design team conducts 30 web-based user testing sessions on new and old users

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Objective: Activate user-testing of our product

• Key Result 1: Conduct at least 21 face-to-face user testing & interview sessions

• Key Result 2: Receive at least 15 video interviews from

• Key Result 3: Collect 20 customer feedback via custom tasks or questions during the pre-launch plan

Objective: Get different customer types to complete their respective “jobs” in the product faster on the first entry

• Key Result 1: Increase the % of HR admins who use the pulse survey feature within 7 days after sign up from 10 to 25 %

• Key Result 2: Increase the % of company leaders who set up a birds eye view dashboard within 7 days after sign up from 2 to 20 %

• Key Result 3: Increase % of users who login 3 times within 10 days after sign-up from 5 to 15 %

Objective: Successfully launch version 3 of our main product

• Key Result 1: Get over 10,000 new signups

• Key Result 2: Get published product reviews in over 15 publications

• Key Result 3: Improve On-time Delivery (OTD) rate from 60% to 70%

Objective: Research early-stage customers’ expectations and needs so we can improve the areas that actually matter

• Key Result 1: Watch 100 early-stage product usage recordings and summarize learnings

• Key Result 2: Get 30 interviews from early-stage customers

• Key Result 3: Analyze all the learnings and agree on the 3 main areas to be worked on


Objective: Drive-up MRR to new levels by maximizing the value of current customers

• Key Result 1: Increase average subscription from 200 to $300 per month with upsells

• Key Result 2: Increase the retention rate from 95% to 98% for the last 90 days

• Key Result 3: Talk to at least 40% of current customers to understand what we could offer more

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Objective: Kickstart sales process activity indicator improvements

• Key Result 1: Increase calls per salesperson to 6300 per quarter

• Key Result 2: Achieve at least 315 demo calls per salesperson per quarter

• Key Result 3: Talk to at least 33% of online signups via a call

Objective: Collect more accurate sales leads data to improve qualification

• Key Result 1: Qualified leads conversion >30% to paid

• Key Result 2: Reduce needed data points collected from 10 to 5

• Key Result 3: Identify 5 best lead conversion channels

Objective: Increase the quality of our sales approach

• Key Result 1: SQL to Win rate improves from 35% to 45%

• Key Result 2: Have all (10) salespeople listen in to at least 3 product demos of other team members

• Key Result 3: All (10) salespeople complete best practices sales process training with 80% test score

Objective: Increase pipeline to new levels

• Key Result 1: Building a list of 1000 new potential customers

• Key Result 2: Convert 200 lead to MQLs through calls

• Key Result 3: Conduct meetings with > 100 MQL


Objective: Improve the quality of our releases

• Key Result 1: Reduce bugs reported after the release from 20 to 5 average

• Key Result 2: Increase code unit test cover from 30% to 50%

• Key Result 3: Increase team members contributing to testing from 1 to 3 people on average testing product before release

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Objective: Make our data security bulletproof

• Key Result 1: All 7 team members complete the data training with 80% score in test result

• Key Result 2: Reduce security-related server downtimes from 2 to 0 average

• Key Result 3: Reduce customers not choosing us because our security measures from 10 to 2 average

Objective: Test A, B, C tools to select the best one

• Key Result 1: Test the development process with A, B, C tools on 6 different features

• Key Result 2: Evaluate tools A, B, and C with 4 main parameters (1-speed, 2-accuracy, 3-security, 4-integration with other tools) to determine which one matches our needs

• Key Result 3: Test the tool with the highest matching score developing 5 more features to ensure consistent results

Objective: Improve the stability of our product releases

• Key Result 1: Reduce monthly average unscheduled downtime from 86 minutes to 15

• Key Result 2: Reduce emergency production batches average from 6 to 2

• Key Result 3: Increase releases being on time from 50% to 80%

Objective: Increase the quality of our mobile app

• Key Result 1: Run at least 20 users test on mobile app

• Key Result 2: Resolve 80% of high priority bugs

• Key Result 3: Reduce mobile app bug support tickets from 50 to 10 per month

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