The OKR processes you didn’t know you needed – Increase success and adoption


OKRs drive focus on improvements, which in the current economic times can be the difference between surviving or thriving as a business.

But often when companies start with OKRs, all their efforts and energy go into developing and writing the OKRs – leaving little time and energy for the processes in the quarter that actually drive the outcomes you need from the OKRs.

Join us on this webinar where we will cover:

  • The core processes needed to make OKRs work in an organization
  • A review of each of these processes’ timing during the quarter and what’s important
  • How these processes drive the quarterly progress and make the move to the next quarter easier
  • As usual, we’ll also have a live Q&A at the end of the webinar

Now you can see why this webinar is a gift that keeps on giving! You’ll be collecting its value for quarters to come. 

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Tuesday, Dec 6 @ 10am GMT • 9pm AEDT • 11pm NZST

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Tuesday, Dec 6 @ 11:30am PT • 1:30pm CT • 2:30pm ET