Writing Inspiring OKRs that Nurture Creativity and Bring Innovation

Writing great OKRs takes time and practice, but it also requires understanding what separates a good OKR from a bad one.

A badly crafted, non-inspiring Objective or Key Result will have a lasting negative impact on the teams and the whole company.

That’s why we’ll take an in-depth look at getting the most out of your OKRs.

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Tuesday, Dec 7 @ 6 am EDT / 10 am GMT

Tuesday, Dec 7 @ 12.30 PDT / 3.30 pm EDT / 7.30 pm GMT

team implementing OKRs

Here’s what we’ll be covering during the webinar:

  • What is the purpose of an OKR & why its proper description is so important?
  • How to develop Key Results that engage teams and drive execution?
  • True outcome measures to use
  • Showing improvements for next quarter
  • Using the “From X to Y” values and how to measure them
  • Initiatives that can drive your KRs forward
  • Common mistakes & how to avoid them