The Management Process of OKRs

Setting the OKRs is one part of the OKR process. But to make OKRs engaging, you also need to think about the processes you must develop around reviewing and accountability to be truly successful.

team implementing OKRs

Here’s what we covered during this webinar:

  • Team OKR meetings – Why it’s about discussion, reflection, and action as a whole team. Included with a demo of the process in Weekdone.
  • Monthly and Mid Quarter reviews, and sharing your learnings and insights with the whole company
  • End Of Quarter reviews and setting your sights for the next quarter

This webinar is for people who are using OKRs in their team/company but want to know more about OKR best practices as well as those who are interested in implementing OKRs and want to learn how to do it right from the beginning.

We recommend having a general knowledge of the OKR concept before viewing the webinar. 

Pro tip! Start by reading our free e-book: “Step by Step Guide to OKRs”